Journey Highlight

 7 Exclusive Rooms and 20+ Additional Mesmeric Spots

Stage Two: Memento Terminal

Modesto, a senior gentleman who sometimes sees himself as a young man, claims he can see butterflies from time to time. He enjoys watching those cute little butterflies dancing around him, coming and going, carrying sparkling pieces of stories that he seems to be familiar with. One thing Modesto doesn’t know is that he has Alzheimer’s disease, and he doesn’t realize the butterflies are his memories. 

Stage One: Memory Theater

This is where the journey begins. A short episode of movie Wrinkles will take you through Modesto and Lolis's love story. The movie depicts how they met each other and how they accompany themselves when the disease happens. 

Stage Three: Twisted Playground

Lolis, Modesto’s wife,  knows Modesto has Alzheimer’s disease and she doesn’t leave her husband alone. Instead, she always accompanies Modesto and tells him their love stories every single day. She reminds him how happy they were when they walked down the road full of  folium ginkgo and filled with their laughter. However, Modesto couldn’t remember any of it, it was like a memory ruin to him.

Stage Four: Pink Station

Lolis remembers when they were teenagers. She promised she would be Modesto’s girlfriend only if he could give her a cloud as a gift. She never thought Modesto would accomplish it, but he did. He took her out on a hot air balloon, letting the clouds embrace their faces and bodies, and that’s how their love story begins. She also wants Modesto to remember the time when they went fishing together. Modesto is lucky to recall the fragments of these memories but he mixes them together. 

Stage Five: Secret Galaxy

After they were together, life couldn’t be sweeter. They had their own galaxy, sharing their secrets and love. They called each other their soul-mate. Laughter, happiness, even frustration gather together to become their own little shining spots. That’s the space only belonging to themselves.

Stage Six: Fading Zone

However, one day, Modesto is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Everything he has experienced and everyone he knows is becoming transparent. He can’t remember many things, including his relationships with his best friend, sweet moments with Lolis, and his happy family life. Standing among those people, he has lost himself.

Stage Seven: Love Crossroad

Although Modesto's condition is getting worse, his friends and family are still willing to help him fight against Alzheimer's disease. They keep telling Modesto the stories they've experienced together and never give up the hope that one day, Modesto will remember everything. When his memory sparks for a moment, they know their effort is not wasted. With the support of so many people, Modesto finds the meaning of life renewed every day---love. 

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